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Una grande Provincia, tanti luoghi da vivere

Villa Rusconi - Source : Municipality of Castano Primo

Castano Primo

Castano Primo was a fief of the Visconti Brignano family in the 1500's and remained that way until 1717. A member of this family, Francesco Bernardino, who also had a home in Castano, is said to be the ”Unnamed” from "The Betrothed". Upon the extinction of the Visconti di Brignano line, the fief was assigned to the aristocrat Antonio Nuņo de Portugal and later to other nobles until, in 1772, the fiefdom system collapsed. After unification in 1863, Castano added the adjective "Primo" to its name, decreed by King Victor Emanuel II, to distinguish it from other smaller towns of the same name. In the 1980's, large works were created that also concerned the area of Castano: the streetcar system that connected Castano to Milan began operations in 1880. In 1885, the Villoresi Canal excavations were completed and the Novara-Saronno-Seregno railway inaugurated in 1887. Between 1800 and 1900 Castano evolved from a mainly farming to mainly industrial economy. At the beginning of the 1900's, the most developed sectors were silk weaving and textiles followed by mechanics.

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Corso Roma,  
20022 Castano Primo MI
telephone +39 033188801
fax +39 0331877082
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Various bicycle paths that lead to places you won't want to miss: the hamlet of Ponte di Castano with its mills and boat homes on the Ticino river.
Castano Primo is the core of the Sud Malpensa Exhibition Centre, the imposing exhibition structure has been promoting events and exhibitions for a few years. For information


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