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Una grande Provincia, tanti luoghi da vivere


Egyptian Museum - Source : Province of Milan - Photo by Alessandro Marinoni

The Sforza Castle Museums

The Castle is one of the most significant monuments of the city and the Lombardy region. It is beloved by the Milanese and worldwide known, not only as a notable construction but also as a precious receptacle of genuine masterpiece and study centre. With its seven centuries of history, the Sforza Castle has witnessed the glorious periods and dramatic moments of Milan. During the second part of the 5th century it became one of the most sumptuous courts of Europe. It now hosts the following museums: the Museum of Ancient Art, the Picture Gallery, the Egyptian Museum, the Museum of Prehistory and Proto-History, the Museum of Decorative Arts, the Museum of Musical Instruments, the "Achille Bertarelli" Prints Collection, and the Photographic Archives. It also hosts some cultural institutions such as the Archaeological and Numismatic Library, the Trivultian Library and City-Historical Archives, the Art Library and the Vinciana Collection. Among the masterpieces, the "Sala delle Asse" designed by Leonardo da Vinci and the world-famous "Pietą Rondanini", Michelangelo Buonarroti's last and unfinished work.


La sezione di arte decorativa (ceramica, oreficeria e sezione precolombiana) degli strumenti musicali e le raccolte extraeuropee ubicati presso il Cortile della Rocchetta, 1° e 2° piano, sono chiusi al pubblico dalle ore 13.00 alle ore 14.00




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Images Gallery

  • Madonna and Child - Source : The Sforza Castle Museums
  • The Sforza Castle Museums - Source : Province of Milan - Photo by Alessandro Marinoni
  • Entrance to the Art Gallery and Museum of Decorative Arts - Source : Province of Milan - Photo by Alessandro Marinoni
  • The Sforza Castle Museum - Source : Archive of the Province of Milan - Photo by Romano Vitale
  • Vincenzo Foppa - Saint Sebastian. Pinacoteca del Castello (Castello Sforzesco art gallery). - Source : Ad Artem




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